by Leigh Greenwood

February 2004
ISBN: 0-505-52529-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

Kate becomes the ultimate wager for her brother Martin, when he realizes heís lost everything else to Brett Westbrook. What he doesnít gamble on is losing his sister as well. In a strange turn of events, Brett wins Kate in a card game with her brother.

The one thing neither of them are counting on, though, is their ability to begin falling for each other once they began spending time together.

This is a romance that allows us to explore several facets of the world. We start out with the possibility of visiting London and the Ton for Kateís first season. Though we never actually visit London in this story, it is present through thoughts and conversation a lot. From there we stop in Paris briefly before boarding a peaceful cruise to Algeria.

There also are several different interesting elements to the story. From a card game, to a former madamís, we also encounter with Kate and Brett the pirates of the sea and most interestingly enough, a harem. As you can see this story has enough adventures to keep the reader absolutely riveted.

And thatís before we talk about the wonderful characters. We see so clearly into Kate and her motivations and can empathize with most of her choices. However, just when we might ordinarily go through the pages and slap our hero a time or two, realization of his thoughts and motivations hit us like a brick and we just sit back and keep turning the pages fully engrossed in the story. There are several chuckles as well as wonderfully romantic moments. I highly recommend this book. It has a little something for everyone and is one of the best historicals Iíve read this year. It will surely top the lists for its genre!

Reviewed in March 2004 by Katy.

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