by Catherine Spangler

February 2004
ISBN: 0-505-52525-9
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Mass Market Paperback

The Shielder colonies have been trying to survive the war being waged against them by the Controllers. To free themselves, they are traveling to a different quadrant of the universe where the Controllers can’t go. They’ve been using the ships of the Leor to do it. The Leors are an alien race that have found their niche in the universe by being whatever they need to be to survive. They’ve been transporting the running Shielders for trade goods. But this time, they are asking for something more.

Arion of Saura has always believed that mating outside his race was abhorrent. He has never found the other races attractive. Yet, he has no choice. The females of his race are having a difficult time conceiving. The Leors are facing extinction. So, he plans on trading the transportation of two Shielder colonies for one of their females. Only then will there be a chance for his people.

Jenna dan Aron sees her future in a vision. She sees herself married to a Leor. Her visions have never been wrong. So when Arion makes his bargain, she agrees to be his mate. She knows that her life on Saura will be harsh. She will be the alien to his race. But where her visions tell her to go, she must. Anyway, she has been shunned by her own people because of them. Maybe this way she’ll get something positive from them.

Together, Arion and Jenna must learn to become friends and lovers. They have to learn how to accept each other. It is only through their faith in each other that they and their people survive.

Catherine Spangler has written another wonderful addition to her Shielder series. The characters of Jenna and Arion are given a great deal of strength and independence to grow in their relationship. No matter how tough Arion seems to be, he slowly learns the value of compromising. Jenna gains acceptance for who she truly is inside. The secondary characters are just as well developed. The story flows smoothly.

Shadow Fires is a worthy sequel. Allow yourself to be wrapped up and taken far away to a universe where love comes to even the most unlikely of couples.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Jenni.

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