by Ellen Fisher

February 2004
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Cade Ryan is at the early stages of a divorce. Heís gone from living in a home that might be considered a mansion to living in a barely furnished apartment. His now laid back "who cares" attitude included not only his apartment, but his personal grooming habits as well. His lifestyle suits him perfectly until he meets his upstairs neighbor Shell Anderson.

Shell is not the sort of person Cade normally finds himself attracted to. However, one night after seeing her as a damsel in distress and becoming her knight in shining armor, their relationship takes a drastic turn.

The Nerd Prince was a very cute short story. I enjoyed the fact that it was written from the male perspective. Cade made a wonderful hero who was going through a rough time and with the love of a good heroine was able to learn to not only trust, but to love again.

Iíve become a fan of the e-book quickie, and believe The Nerd Prince to be among the best of the genre that Iíve read. I look forward to reading another selection from Ellen Fisher.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Sandi.

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