by Catherine Snodgrass

January 2004
ISBN: 1-55316-116-5
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The time has come for Al-Mon, a prince of the Mayan people, to take a bride. The ceremony is going to be performed. None of the three women are thrilled to be his bride. There are things about him that mark him as different from the rest of his people. But when a beautiful blonde woman appears from the temple, he knows that he has truly be blessed by the gods.

Raina Cotterell is an archeologist. She has been digging in the jungles for months, hoping to find an artifact that will make her famous. Instead she uncovers a corridor leading back in time. 750 A.D. is a lot different from 1970, thatís for sure. Especially when the best looking guy youíve ever seen claims you are a gift from the gods and wants to marry you. Raina knows she canít marry Al-Mon. Her and her friends are looking for a way to get back to their time.

As the months roll by, Al-Mon and Raina begin to fall in love. Maybe it was fate that brought them together. Raina fights her attraction with all her strength. The harm their appearance in this time could cause would be significant. But she longs for Al-Monís touch. She must decide if loving Al-Mon then giving him up is worth it. Al-Mon must convince Burke OíNeill, one of Rainaís colleagues who came back with her, to trade places with him. Since they look exactly alike. As the time to return to the present approaches, so does the danger they are in from fanatical cults and breaking hearts.

Ms. Snodgrass does a good job making time travel believable. Her characters are well developed and entertaining. While the ending of the story seems rushed, the Mayan culture she creates is fascinating.

Feather On The Wind is an intriguing look into a culture that isnít visited very often in the romance genre.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Jenni.

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