by Audrey Godwin

January 2004
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Gwen Gregory lives in Shadow Valley, Maine, a quiet eastern town. On the outside, Gwen is the shy and mousy librarian. In her fantasies, she is a vibrant woman who longs to break free of her mundane life and find love, passion, and happiness.

After twenty-six years, Gwen has come close to giving up on her dreams. Her desires play out in fantasies she has while reading romance novels and while caressing her favorite statue, one of Eros, the God of Love, in Moonlit Park. On one special night, when a strange force dances upon Shadow Valley, Gwen makes a special wish. She wants to make love with the god.

But fate is predestined and has its own rules. Gods should never mix with mere mortals. Only one thing can possibly change fate’s mind and the resentment of a jealous goddess, a little spell called love.

Audrey Godwin weaves a web of engagement with Cast a Moonlit Spell. The brief story is a delightful fairytale, which is sure to set pulses racing and cause a huge stream of wishes to be shot up in the direction of the heavens.

Enlivened by mythological aspects, the narrative is innovative and engaging, and the characters, vividly drawn and utterly irresistible. Particularly well written is the scene where Thor pleads for the life of Eros on Olympus.

Cast a Moonlit Spell encourages dreams on quiet nights of discontentment. It made me want to find a statue and rub on it. Perhaps wishes do come true, and if they do, the world will see many more wonderful stories from Audrey Godwin.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Natasha.

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