by Terry Campbell

January 2004
ISBN: 1-55316-121-1
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Colonel Benjamin “Ben” Craig is running out of time and for a ghost that can only mean disaster. He needs to get Frankie into his time--in order to save him from death at the hands of three Union deserters. However, he is having a very tough time convincing this 21st century financial genius to go. BUT he is determined that he can defeat this wisp of a girl and force her back to his time during the Civil War.

Francis “Frankie” Matthews knows there are no such things as ghosts. Yet, how long she can hold on to this knowledge is beyond her. Especially since said ghost is visiting her at night and giving her real kisses! Since the death of her parents when she was six years old, Frankie has lived at Craig Knoll and she has never been able to leave the family homestead for very long periods of time before it calls her back. Well, she is back and being haunted by a ghost who seems determined to force her into a time with no indoor plumbing, no air conditioning, no computers, and no e-mail. OH THE HORROR!!!

This time-travel story brings us from the present 21st century back to the Civil War era with somewhat a giggle. Frankie is literally forced into the past and once she gets there her only objective is to locate one Ben Craig, kick his ass, and get back to her time. Frankie is a strong, opinionated woman, one who’s mouth continues to get her in trouble by spouting off with 21st century phrases and objects (like cars). Though certain, as is his family, that Frankie is touched (or tetched as they say in his time) Ben can’t seem to stay away from her. With an evil, gold-digging woman, controlling family, friendly sister-in-law, and a mystic household worker, this book rounds out, filled with mystery, intrigue, manipulation, romance, and, oh yes, lots of sexual tension. It is also full of insight into the life of a family and the nation torn apart by war. I thoroughly enjoyed Frankie and Ben, as well as, this story line and recommend it for everyone to read!

Reviewed in August 2004 by Vikky.

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