by Norma McPhee

January 2004
ISBN: 1-55316-122-X
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You have to admire Norma McPhee's Walls Of Ice heroine, Jannia Wise. She is a woman determined to get her life back whatever it takes. A year has not diminished the nightmare Jannia experienced at the hands of a rapist. The fear is overwhelming, robbing her of another's touch. Now, she's had enough. Jannia has a plan and it involves the one who saved her.

Emarr Dengas is not your average hero. For one thing, he has green skin. For another, he's also an empath. One who can experience what another is feeling. He saved Jannia once, so it only stands to reason he would want to help her now. Or so she thinks. Emarr refuses Jannia's plan to sleep with her thereby healing her of the debilitating fear that has held her in its grip for the past year. Obstacles abound for the smuggler and former slave. It is interesting to see how each one overcomes them.

Following the acclaimed prequel, Into The Fire, this offering will not disappoint. Strong characters, a well-rounded plot, and the delightful writing style of Norma McPhee makes this second installment in the Forces of Nurture Series an award-worthy book. Walls Of Ice is definitely a keeper!

Reviewed in March 2004 by Rho.

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