by Sierra Rydell

July 1994
ISBN: 0-373-0990-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #900
Mass Market Paperback

Mara Anvik has been in love with Mark Toovak for what feels like forever. However, when Mark rejects Mara, she leaves town to pursue her education and her own dreams. Now, after being called home to her village, Mara must face Mark and the feelings she still has for him. Mark thought he had moved on with his life. That is until he was sent to bring Mara home. Upon her return to their Alaskan village, Mark must swallow his pride and accept Mara’s offer to translate for his tour business. All Mara wants in return is to search for her family while they are in Russia. Mark senses that something fishy is going on, but agrees anyway. Soon, both Mara and Mark realize there is more going on than a simple family reunion. Upon their return to Alaska, it becomes apparent that Mark and Mara must come to terms with their feelings for one another before she and the village loose their souls.

Homeward Bound by Sierra Rydell is one of my favorite books and has a permanent place on my keeper’s shelf. The story of forgiveness and renewal told in this book is truly inspiring and touching. This love story is enhanced by the author’s careful attention to detail and her exquisite descriptions of Native American life in Alaska. This is most unexpected in a Silhouette novel of this type and proves that a novel does not have to be long in order to be enjoyable for the reader. The plot in this book takes the reader from Alaska to Russia and back again, and it obvious that the author did plenty of research in order to make this trip believable. The characters posses traits that make them appealing. Mark and Mara’s stubbornness rings true to life and lets the reader know these characters are just like him or her. Homeward Bound is a wonderful story that carries the reader to far away places and exposes his or her to another culture and another way of life all while treating the reader to an endearing love story.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Jen.

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