by Holly Jacobs

March 2003
ISBN: 0-373-19653-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #1653
Mass Market Paperback

Successful attorney Elias Donovan is on track to make partner soon in his law firm. While discussing the possibility of becoming partner at the family oriented firm with his boss Elias indicates that he has a fiancťe. The boss is really impressed and canít wait to meet this mystery woman Elias has kept so well hidden. There is only one problem Elias doesnít have a fiancťe; heck he doesnít even have a steady girlfriend as he has been concentrating all of his resources the past couple of years on becoming a success in the business world. He must find a fiancťe and fast.

Sarah Madison has started her dream business, an interior design company called By Design. Sarah has worked hard to make the business a success. She recently completed a big project for an important client but now canít get the guy to pay the balance of what he owes on his bill. Having stretched her funds as far as possible Sarah pays a visit to the attorney next door to ask for legal advice.

Elias canít believe when the answer to his prayers, Sarah Madison comes strolling through his front door. She will make the perfect bride-to-be for him. He quickly tells Sarah he will help her with her troublesome client if she will pretend to be his fiancťe just until he secures the partnership in his firm. Once they have made the offer he figures he can say he and Sarah broke up. By then the firm canít very well resend the offer it made simply because he isnít engaged after all.

Before long Sarah and Donovan, as he prefers to be called, find their pretend relationship spinning out of control as people start helping them plan their wedding. As the two are forced to spend more and more time together their feelings begin to change. Could it be that Perry Square might be in for a real life wedding after all?

Once again talented author Holly Jacobs takes readers back to her hometown of Erie, PA with another visit to the Perry Square business district. Although most of the businesses in her book are make-believe the small town feel of this whimsical town comes shining through once again and readers will fall in love with both the setting and the characters in this delightful book. Ms. Jacobs takes two lonely hearts that didnít realize they were all that lonely and throws them together with some very unexpected results. Add to the mix the help of some well meaning friends and they may just find the love of a lifetime they didnít know they were looking for.

A Day Late And A Bride Short is a sweet romance that showcases Ms. Jacobsís love for her hometown and ability to tell a wonderful story. I found it to be a pleasant way to spend an evening and look forward to another visit to Perry Square in the near future.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Barbara.

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