by Helen A. Rosburg

November 2003
ISBN: 0-9743639-1-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Medallion Press
Mass Market Paperback

The French court before the Revolution is full of intrigue and danger. Yet, there are moments of love and joy. The black cloud of the Revolution looms though and only the strongest will survive.

Honneure Mansart finds herself in the middle of the danger as she becomes the personal maid to the young Queen of France, Marie Antoinette. She becomes friends with the young queen and slowly begins to recognize the troubles that drown those who follow the King’s court. Still love finds a way to grow even in the darkest of times.

Honneure’s true love is Phillipe, her foster brother. Growing up together, their hearts have always belonged together. While serving the Queen, they are allowed to let their love grow. There are other powerful forces at work swirling with jealousy for Honneure and the Queen she loves. These powers plunge the young woman and her lover into dark despair where only their love can be strong enough to see them through.

The glitter and darkness of King Louis’ court comes to life in the words of the story. The despair of the Revolution grows heavy on the heart. Marie Antoinette and her husband become tragic characters in the lovers’ struggle to be together. Of course, the central figures of Honneure and Phillipe age throughout the scope of the story. Yet their love grows stronger as their trails continue. A well-crafted story, By Honor Bound gives the hope that no matter how dark life becomes, love will triumph over all.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Jenni.

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