by Pamela Johnson

January 2004
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Lillian has hidden her true passionate nature behind conservative clothes and proper behavior. She's found her secret fantasies in the movies and books of the Old West. At the library where she works, Lillian finds a small ruby necklace. She takes it home with her and that's when her adventures start.

Waking up the next morning, Lillian finds herself in the old west town of Deadwater Gulch. Somehow, she's become Lucky Lil, the madam of the bordello, Sweet Magnolias. Maybe now, she can indulge herself in some of her deepest fantasies. Especially once she gets a look at the town Sheriff, Jake Sloan.

The man could certainly fill out a pair of jeans. Jake is the ultimate cowboy. Lillian would love to spend some time with him. But Jake's ambitious and his future plans don't include becoming involved with the local madam. He fights his attraction to Lil with all he has. Until he realizes that there are some things more important than his reputation or his ambitions. Will Jake let go of his trying to make other people happy and reach for his own happiness? Will the power that brought Lillian from the future give her enough time to find her destiny?

A steamy time travel with two interesting main characters. Jake and Lillian are allowed to realize the truth about who they are and what they want out of life. Their characters are given the courage to reach out for each other, no matter what anyone might say about them. The story is fast paced and page-turning.

Wild & Unruly, teaches a lesson about accepting yourself for who you are inside. A story about not letting what other people think of you determine who you really are. Enjoy this hot love story as Lillian and Jake reach across time to find their destinies.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Jenni.

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