by Brenda Jackson

April 2004
ISBN: 0-312-98997-0
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

CIA agent Sir Drake Warren loved a woman once. Sandy Carroll stole his heart and when she was killed in an explosion, he vows never to risk his heart again. He has no qualms about risking his life however, going on dangerous missions in an effort to forget. He continues at this pace until he is nearly killed. Soon his heart is in danger again. His new partner, Victoria Green, inspires a desire so strong, he fears falling for another woman and losing her.

The tricky part of all this, is that he isn’t falling for a new woman. Victoria Green is actually Sandy Carroll. Her life was saved with a surgery that altered her face. She was given a new identity. She must keep this a secret, especially for Drake. His knowing would put him in great danger and would make her pawn against the man that caused her “death” in the first place.

However, when the two go on a deadly mission, the sexual tension is hot. And Drake is no dummy. He begins piecing things together. When he manages this, will all be lost? Can he ever forgive her for deceiving him and breaking his heart?

I liked this exciting, fast-paced novel from Brenda Jackson. The Midnight Hour, is part of her collection of books featuring the Madaris family and friends. I haven’t read any of the previous books, but I really enjoyed Jackson’s voice. I will certainly look up her other titles to meet her other characters. If they are as fascinating as Drake and Victoria/Sandy, I have some great reads ahead of me.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Jess.

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