by Lori Foster

June 2001
ISBN: 0-373-44113-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

I always wanted an older brother so that I could fall in love with his mate. As I have to be content with a younger brother and no interest in his friends, I have to make do with all those great romance novels that feature the "best friend/older brother's friend turns into object of desire" theme.

Annie, Get Your Guy is Lori Foster's slant on it.

I wanted to hit her. Annie Sawyer fell in love with Guy Donovan when she was 18 and waited until she was 25 to do something about it. Girl, what have you been thinking, or better yet, doing for those years? Still an innocent at the age of 25? Ok, I can believe being a virgin, but not even a couple second bases or dry runs? Boy, those brothers of yours must have been around you 24/7!

Annie wants Guy, her best friend, and with the help of her brother, her sister-in-law and LOTS of how-to-books she goes after him.

Secluded in a mountain cabin, Guy, on drugs after an accident, has no chance escaping Annie who has seduction on her mind. She is so outrageous in taking full advantage of his invalid status that I burst out laughing at her efforts!

Sure the book is about sex and it is included in one hot and sizzling scene, but most of the time it is just silly, fun and oh so uncomfortable for Guy.

Lori Foster doesn't chase her hero and heroine from one action scene to the next but seduces them, and the reader, in only a few, very long, very sensual and very funny scenes (do check out the most chatty love scene I've ever read!); wonderful and so very satisfying.

Annie, Get Your Guy is sweet, funny and hot. What can I say - I love it!

Indulge yourself with the last of the Sawyer siblings and get down and sexy in Messing Around With Max.

Maddie Montgomery wants to experience sex and adventure and who better with than her best friend Annie's older brother, Max Sawyer.

Max has seen and done it all; traveling the world he learned from the best and makes it his mission to hand out advice anonymously. He likes women and he definitely desires Maddie. So why does he turn her down? Well believe it or not, this prime example of one hot, gorgeous and virile male wants a wife not just a lover! He is not just sexy as hell but also very caring when it comes to his ugly and frightened "little" dog. A stable environment needs to be established and what better way than starting a family?

Maddie's love for his dog is Max's undoing. Sure he is attracted to her body but his heart belongs to her caring and loving nature, to the naiveté and innocent hidden behind her brazen and forward attacks on his body and his ego. Too bad that Maddie only wants sex… or does she?

The premise of Messing Around With Max is excellent, simple but fun and Lori Foster's characters are up for anything. Always brave, caring and loving. The sort of people you want to fall in love with. It is a heartwarming and funny story, never sentimental but plenty emotional. And remember it all started with one big yellow feather.

A Lori Foster story promises love, fun, sex and laughter, and as always she delivers.

Reviewed in October 2001 by Kris Alice.

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