by Autumn Dawn

February 2004
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Ali has not been having the best of days lately. In the process of auctioning off all her grandmotherís things, she is trying to pay off the back taxes as well as medical bills that had incurred during her grandmotherís long illness. Ali looked at her grandmotherís cheval glass mirror when the strangest thing happened. She was dragged into another time.

Ali doesn't know what is happening but she doesnít like it one bit. She is stranded somewhere and doesn't know which way to go or turn. Then along comes a motorcycle that almost runs over her and the man on the bike has an attitude. But that doesnít matter as long as he can take her to the city.

Rabbit is not happy to see Ali and give her a ride to the city. Oh but he is interesting to say the least. A good-looking man on a motorcycle, who wouldnít want to wrap their arms around him? Of course his attitude sort of stinks. Like he didnít have time for Ali and the stops along the way to the city that he has to make.

Through The Looking Glass is a twist on Alice In Wonderland, and what a twist it is. Ali not only meets Rabbit but others as well in the fairy tale. Can the fairy tale be brought to Aliís real life? Can she find another Rabbit in her time zone? Rabbit and Ali fight the attraction to one another, oh they get familiar with the other, but will that be enough for Ali and Rabbit when they met once again? I really liked the twist of this story; I just wish it was longer. I would have like to see what happens in Aliís time zone just a little more.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Pam.

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