by Jo Beverley

ISBN: 0-451-21183-9
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Mass Market Paperback

Jo Beverley brings us the next saga in the Rouges series. This is Sir Stephen Ball’s story.

Mrs. Laura Gardeyne is living in fear for her son’s life. Young Harry is heir to his grandfather’s estate and title, and someone is set on causing little Harry harm. To keep her child safe, Laura enlists the help of a childhood friend, Sir Stephen Ball, who had offered her marriage to him, instead of Hal Gardeyne. She laughed in his face, not a very graceful way to turn down a proposal!

Sir Stephen Ball, the smart, stable and most law-abiding of the “Rogues”, has never let a day go by without thinking of Laura, the girl who had stolen his heart and then married another. After hearing of her husband’s death, Stephen devises a plan to reinstate himself in Laura’s life, with the hope that they could resume their friendship and hopefully it would turn into something more passionate. He never expected to find her in need of his assistance in protecting her young son from a murderer.

When he agrees to help, Stephen and Laura start a dangerous journey that will lead them not only to an old Gardeyne family secret, but to a passion that neither one of them could have ever dreamed of.

Ms. Beverley does it again and with such flair as only Jo Beverly can deliver! Stephen and Laura are full-bodies characters; nothing is left out to make the reader wonder what makes these two people tick. When you add in a three-year-old, adorable little boy, a household of helpful servants, one dastardly villain and a family mystery to unravel, you have a classic Jo Beverley book.

Jo Beverly is by far, one of the most beloved historical romance authors of our time. Any story written by her; is sure to be a best seller as well as a treasure to add to your romance collection. You just can’t go wrong with a Jo Beverley book!

Reviewed in April 2004 by Debbie.

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