by Sandra Hill

August 1997
ISBN: 0-505-52212-8
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Mass Market Paperback

Harriet Ginoza Ph.D., a.k.a. Dr. Ginny, best-selling author of four books is in quite a pickle. Her latest, Female Fantasies Never Die, targets women who have difficulty separating fantasy from reality. Harriet should know a thing or two about this problem, since she embarrassingly suffers the very same syndrome.

In Sandra Hill’s, innovative Sweeter, Savage Love, our heroines fantasy life has gone ballistic. Besieged by a dream lover, who is alarming real, an exact likeness to Steve Morgan in Rosemary Rogers best-selling romance Sweet, Savage Love. Harriet’s, Steve, engages her nightly, with non-stop...HOT sex. Harriet is always left feeling, oh...so satisfied, but very G-U-I-L-T-Y! Especially with regard to the infamous “forceful seduction” fantasy, she’s been lecturing so much about.

Tonight, after taping the Oprah show, and discussing said book, Harriet is lulled to sleep, by the clackety-clack of the Amtrak Superliner, taking her to New Orleans. The blasted, "unwanted dreams” come, no matter how she tries to resist. Jolted awake, by a violent lurch, Harriet’s fantasy life, begins to take on a whole new reality.

Etienne, (French for Steve) miserable from another blinding headache (a pesky aftermath of his time in prison) saunters into his compartment, with spurs jingling. There, he discovers Harriet lounging in his bed, in a sexy, silky, leopard print garment. He quickly draws his pistol. Yes, yes dear reader...a real pistol (I know where your mind went)! Anyway, if Etienne wasn’t shocked enough already, the woman brazenly invites him to “haul your-self over here, hon. Come on, jump my bones. Do the deed. Rock my world." Etienne, who presumes his two well-meaning friends have commandeered one of Madame Dubois’ girls to service him, regretfully informs her that he is just not interested "tonight." A tad confused, Harriet doesn’t know what to think. Steve’s not responding as he usually does. Hmm...could this be a new twist to the forceful seduction theme?

By the time Harriet discovers she’s been literally “railroaded” back in time to 1870, the sparks are flying, and this delectable romance is off to a laugh out loud extravaganza. Etienne, just a precocious little boy in Sandra Hill’s Frankly, My Dear has grown up to be quite a hunk. A secret agent, working for the government, Etienne is cynical, and disillusioned with life. Halfheartedly, at first, he allows Harriet into his world. And Harriet, who naively yearns for love will help him discover that and so much more.

The government assignment Etienne undertakes is pure comedy. Hilarious disguises, quick-witted dialogue, Harriet’s 20th century “dumb men” jokes, and most especially the engaging ingredient of Etienne’s devoted friends, Cain and Abel. These sexy and adorably nasty brothers (who I wish had a spin-off book of their own) are incomparable. The totality, is certain to make Sweeter Savage Love a real keeper.

If you haven’t read Sandra Hill oh, please do. Every book is guaranteed to give you a wild and wonderful ride!

Reviewed in February 2004 by Janice.

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