by Heide Katros

January 2004
ISBN: 1-58608-383-X
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Talon, a moniker taken in rebellion against the father who'd shunned him at an early age, is a Norseman hungry for the next pillage. An accident during his childhood left Gundar Herjolfson with a claw for a hand. His ruthless father mocked him, calling him Talon and swearing he was no longer his son. Years of anguish and hurt manifests itself in terrorizing any place and anyone unfortunate enough to be in his path.

One such unfortunate soul is Danielle D'Arcenau. Placed in an abbey by her conniving brother, Danielle became a target for Talon during a raid. After taking her virtue, Talon ends up taking Danielle with him to his homeland as his slave. Jealousies from the other women prove to be an added obstacle she must overcome while at the same time staving off the growing feelings she develops for her captor.

Heide Katros spins a tale of love and courage set in the ninth century. I would have preferred more emotional depth in the main characters of Viking Raider. Not knowing Talon and Danielle as well as I would like resulted in not caring whether or not they ended up together. I questioned a few historical details, but it was not enough to detract from the story line.

Katros is also the author of Bewitching Angel.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Rho.

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