by Theresa Weir

February 1994
ISBN: 0-553-56378-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Bantam Books
Mass Market Paperback

ďA guy should never marry a woman who was in love with someone else. Even if that someone was dead. Especially if that someone was dead.Ē The opening paragraph, in this deep and poignant love story grabs your heartstrings and never letís go. Theresa Weir masterfully weaves together a story of two emotionally scarred adults, who have brought the baggage of their childhood into a marriage that is destined for failure.

One Fine Day is set in a small university town of Iowa. Austin, a successful stockbroker, and perfectionist criticizes Molly out of desperation. He needs her to fight back, but she never will. Molly, passive, forgetful and so weary of trying to live up to Austinís expectations, deserts her marriage of decades with only a good-bye note and heads off to Florida to start a new life.

Unexpected tragedy brings them back together, and all the misspent opportunities to love one another without the ghosts of their pasts interfering, are now laid at their feet. Can a strong man, weakened from a devastating stroke, accept the charitable reunion of his wife, a wife who never meant to return? Can he tolerate her new view of him as an invalid? And can Molly give up her one chance at the life she was just beginning to build, to care for a man who can only bring her more heartache and shame? Their rolls reversed, now Molly is calling on all her pent-up strengths. Austin has no choice, no matter how hard he fights it; he must agree to her help and what he believes is her pity.

In One Fine Day, every hidden weakness, every secret thought and desire, is so profound that you canít help but care deeply about these two complex people, and the secondary characters who surround them. Amy, their daughter, her only goal is to love her parents unconditionally, tries desperately not to choose sides, but suffers nonetheless. Mark, Mollyís friend and confidant, a psychiatrist, who is in love with her and believes he, may now have his one chance to prove it. And Gabrielle, Austinís long lost sister, now a stripper resurfaces after hearing about Austinís stroke. Sheís lived life in the fast lane, has a heart of gold, but doesnít see a rainbow in her future.

One Fine Day, is one of the most hauntingly, beautiful love stories I have ever read. Theresa Weir, is a master storyteller, and one of the most underrated talents of today. Her insights into the human heart will leave you wishing the book would never end. Her novels are hard to come by, but definitely worth the search. Go out and find, One Fine Day, trust me, you will be so glad you did.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Janice.

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