by Candace Schuler

February 2002
ISBN: 0-373-79031-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #27
Mass Market Paperback

Roxanne Archer had been a good girl - a very good girl - for the entire twenty-nine, uneventful years of her life.

And if there's something that we romance readers want to read about is a good girl about to turn bad - very bad… how else is a good girl to catch a handsome, bad-to-the-bone kind of guy?

Roxanne had transformed herself from a khaki pants and camp shirt wearin' kind of a gal to "Roxy" - a tousled hair, short denim skirt, cowboy hat wearing adventurous kind of woman - complete with red cowboy boots and a "cornpone and molasses" San Antonio accent! After living in Connecticut her whole entire life, she's ready to take a walk on the wild side and grab herself a real life cowboy… and she had in mind a specific rodeo cowboy for her well-planned one night fling.

Tom Steele was the lucky guy whom Roxy had set her sights on and with her new sexy attitude, Tom didn't have a spittle of a chance - not that he didn't want Roxy…. After one night however, it was Roxy who was hooked lock, stock and barrel - and before she could scream another orgasm, she was propositioning Tom to spend the summer with her. Tom, on the other hand, guided by his other brain, immediately said yes, no questions asked. Who could be so lucky?!

Candace Schuler penned one of the most erotic Blaze book that I've ever encountered. From their lusty adventure, one wouldn't guess their "real" profession since both are taking a break for the summer to fulfill their separate fantasies. Roxy, a normally conservative East coaster who had always longed for red cowboy boots since she was nine (her mother knew those boots were trouble!), has led a dull life though she herself isn't in anyway boring. It was admirable that she took control of her own life, from waxing practically her whole body to scoping out honky tonks just to snag herself the kind of man she wanted - the kind that she wouldn't be able to find in Connecticut. Although Tom was sexy, handsome, intelligent and caring (he reads Harry Potter!!), he was mainly along for the ride, to fulfill Roxy's fantasy, never imagining that in the end that his own dream was being fulfilled. Their trip together through different cities and rodeo competitions gave them the opportunity to know each other - although the reader wasn't as privy to their conversations as much as their sex life, it's easy to see how their friendship came about after the initial highly charged sexual attraction that brought them together. The whole read was fun, fun, fun, not to mention HOT, from beginning to end and it was one of the most pleasant time I've spent with a book!

The Blaze line of Harlequin books is the boldest line of the category romances… and it takes a special kind of writer to successfully pull off a romantic, as well as erotically charged, story such as Good Time Girl - a fun and sexy road trip tale with appealing (and did I say fun?!) characters. Ms. Schuler has gained another fan and I, for one, will be "glomming" her previous books!

Reviewed in January 2002 by Veronica.

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