by Lisa Renee Jones

January 2004
ISBN: 1-931761-87-6
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Professional baseball pitcher Corey Evans has been getting threatening letters and phone calls. The owner of his team and his manager believe that Corey needs extra protection. Corey just wants to be left alone so his goal is to piss the security guard off enough that she don’t take the job. However, once he sees Shelby, Corey is flooded with re-awakening emotions that he thought he had long since buried.

Shelby Allen owns her own security company and has never taken a job with a professional athlete because of a very bad past relationship. As a favor to a very good friend, she accepts the job to guard Corey. Their first meeting is exactly what she expected from an athlete. However, once they are left alone, Corey changes and the tension between them becomes something else.

Too Close For Comfort is one of the best short stories, I’ve read in a while. The instant attraction and continuous head-butting between Corey and Shelby is both exciting and sensual. Their passion for each other is fought against so much that the sexual tension is tangible. They are both strong, intelligent people and they are so compatible that they are instantly the perfect couple. While the “who-done-it” is kept a mystery until the end (even I couldn’t figure it out) the conclusion of the mystery felt a bit rushed. However, this did not detract from my enjoyment of the story and the love between Corey and Shelby.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Vikky.

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