by Celeste Anwar

January 2004
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In the world of the Fey, there are six kingdoms, three of light and three of dark. The princes of those kingdoms must search for the brides that will bring back their virility and help preserve the people.

Frost Tamann has come in search of his bride. She ran away ten years ago, leaving him heartbroken and angry. He had hoped that she had been taken against her will. He hates the thought that Darcy left him of her own free will. He has plans to exact revenge on his wife.

Ten years ago, Darcy had fled her marriage to Frost. She feels the slight taint of human blood in her veins make her the wrong kind of bride for the Fey prince. Also, she was chosen for him. He didn’t chose her himself which meant that there was no love between them. She ran before he could turn from her.

They meet again at the Mystery Ball and the sparks fly. If Darcy wants her husband’s love, she must be willing to become vulnerable. Will Frost’s need for revenge outweigh his need for Darcy’s love?

A quick story filled with passion and revenge, Lords of Magic 1: The Color of Twilight is great beginning to an original new series. In the characters of Frost and Darcy, we see what revenge and pride can do. Yet the couple manages to swallow their pride and work things out. The sex is hot, even though Frost can control ice and cold. There’s enough information in this short story to intrigue the reader about Anwar’s version of the Fey kingdoms.

I’m looking forward to reading the other stories in the Lords of Magic series.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Jenni.

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