by Lynsay Sands

July 2004
ISBN: 0-505-52583-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

Itís time for Lucern and Kate to get married. They are the lovely couple we met in Lynsay Sandsí first vampire book Single White Vampire. As arrangements are made, everyone canít believe how smooth things are going. Until two weeks before the wedding and surprises start happening.

Bastien Argeneau has been alive for four hundred plus years. Heís gone rather bored with life. Burying himself in the family business, heís managed to occupy his time. Heís the best man at his older brotherís wedding and is thrilled to see that Lucern has found his life mate. Yet all their happiness only serves to open Bastienís eyes to how lonely his own life is. Then Kateís cousin, Terri, flies in from England two weeks early and Bastien finds himself entertaining her in his penthouse.

Terri Simpson is looking forward to helping her cousin and best friend, Kate, with the final plans for her wedding. Little does she know that sheíll be spending most of her time with a drop-dead gorgeous businessman who makes her feel things she hasnít felt for years. When disaster strikes, she and Bastien will have to work together to straighten everything out before the wedding. All the while, she knows sheís falling in love with a man who is hiding something important from her.

Both Terri and Bastien are characters whom have had their hearts broken before. They have healed slowly, but are now ready to brave the world of love again. Itís a romp through New York City as they rush from problem to problem, risking their hearts and the wrath of the bride with their choices. The secondary characters are just as entertaining. C.K., Kateís editor friend, makes another appearance. This reviewer is hoping to see more of Vincent, Bastienís cousin. The story is fast paced with never a dull moment.

Tall, Dark & Hungry takes us on an heartwarming journey of healing hearts and sizzling attraction as Bastien and Terri race through New York and around the world in search of love.

Reviewed in July 2004 by Jenni.

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