by Scott Carpenter

January 2004
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Betty and The Beast follows the traditional tale of Beauty and the Beast very closely. For me, this made this delightfully quick e-book even quicker.

Betty is a young girl who has yet to enjoy becoming a woman in every sense of the word. She has the dreams that many young virgins dream of. However will her charming prince be the man of her dreams or something from her worst nightmares?

Her father is a widower, who has the urges that every man has. He also has a problem with drinking. He sets out one night to satisfy his primal urges, however as he walks he is drinking and gets desperately lost.

Betty, afraid for her father sets out to find him the next day, when she realizes he hasnít returned home. When Betty finds her father heís being held captive. As sheís always protected him she begs for her to be allowed to take his place, and him to be set free. The Beast agrees and Betty takes her fatherís place. Being in close confines makes Betty and Beast see each other in different ways. The relationship takes a natural turn, and romance flourishes.

Betty and The Beast, is a quickie e-book that is enjoyable because it doesnít stray far from the fairy tale itís based upon. Itís the first Iíve read by S. L. Carpenter, and Iím sure wonít be the last. When youíre looking for a quick read with a fairy tale element Iím sure you wonít be disappointed in Betty and The Beast

Reviewed in March 2004 by Sandi.

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