by Mlyn Hurn

January 2004
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It has been eight years since Julie Bradly literally ran away from her ranching family and ended up in San Francisco. In that time she has traveled the world with an aunt, and had time to try and forget the life she left behind. In her ranching life she was fighting a strong attraction to neighbor, Jim Morgan.

When Jim travels to San Francisco, he makes it a point to visit Julie and they end up sharing a very brief, but passionate weekend together. A year later when Julie finally returns home to the ranch for a wedding she and Jim are thrown together again.

Though, this time his mother is determined to let Julie know that her son is off limits to her.

Julie is home yet again when an accident occurs that will leave Jim with a permanent limp and Julie with some ugly scars. Once again Julie returns to San Francisco and Jim remains in their hometown. During every visit home, Julie and Jim end up back in each otherís arms until it is time for Julie to take off again. When Julie returns again after a three month trip to Europe, Jim realizes she is pregnant with his baby. It doesnít take him long to convince her that her running away days are over and it is time they settle down and become a family.

This reader was left with her head spinning by the time she read the final word of this book. The consistent use by the author of flashing from past to present was confusing to the point where keeping track became keep up with. The Cattleman is considered an erotic romance, and I personally didn't feel the steam rising.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Shelby.

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