by Carly Phillips

December 2001
ISBN: 0-373-79021-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Erotic Invitation is one of the most enjoyable; steamy reads I have ever read. 'Erotic' in the title is just a prelim of what the story holds. If you like beaches, secluded spots, and steamy sultry nights - this is definitely for you. While the invitations alone would heat up anyone's blood, the sexual innuendoes and the games Mallory and Jake play are something many people wish for - and only a few lucky ones find.

Mallory and Jake are both lawyers for the same law firm. Jake is a partner in the law firm, the leading divorce attorney and is known as the terminator because of his "no holds barred" attack. Mallory is an associate and the only female in the firm and she has one year before becoming a partner in this prestigious law firm. Her goal, for the last eight years, has been that she becomes the first to accomplish this.

Jake Latham is a 'handsome' 'to die for' man with an outlook on life that seems to draw women to him. His life's outlook on relationships is 'no commitments'. On the other hand, Mallory Sinclair is a very gorgeous woman who hides her beauty in order to get by in the 'good old boys' world and she has hidden her feminine side from everyone. Jake finally sees through her fašade while on a business trip - trying to get the divorce case of Mr. Lederman's - the firms' biggest client.

Jake and Mallory both like a challenge. Jake issues the first challenge and Mallory takes him up on it. She sends him an invitation although he doesn't know who issued it. It throws him for a loop and evokes fantasies while he wonders who could have issued the invitation in such a secluded resort? Jake, in way of a challenge that Mallory could not accept, issues the next invitation. The invitations are a way for them to let down their hair at night and to be themselves around each other. They open up to each other butů Can Jake get past his experiences with his family and divorce cases he has tried? And can Mallory get past her obstacle to make a go at creating a life together?

Carly Phillips definitely put the Blaze in this story. This is the first in the line of Midnight Fantasy Series from Harlequin Blaze and what a way to start the series! I did not want to stop reading while words like hot, incredible, and oh my! kept coming to mind as I was reading it.

This is definitely a keeper for me and a must read for anyone who likes a steamy read with a lot sexual foreplay and a coming together of people that changes their outlook on life because of their encounters. The secondary characters The Lederman's played a role in the changes that take place within Mallory and Jake. THANK YOU! Ms. Phillips for this wonderful Christmas Day reading adventure.

Reviewed in December 2001 by Pam.

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