by Sahara Kelly

January 2004
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Magnus Ravynne needs a wife. The sooner the better, so in his travels, he believes he has stumbled upon the perfect match in Mistress Swan. She is young, beautiful, and will be able to bring some prosperity to his keep. When he returns home, he is somewhat surprised by his warm welcoming and anxious to find out whom the woman was that he met with.

Imagine Constanceís surprise when she realizes it was the Lord of the keep she had indulged with the previous evening. Unable to disguise herself from him, she can only own up to the fact. And in agreeing to make his manor a lovely home for his new wife, will she lose her heart in the bargain?

A cute short story, this is one you donít want to miss. The characters are delightful and charming. Told in a fairytale sort of way, the story moves along quickly and keeps the reader entertained.

And of course, there are some hot, sensual, sexual scenes within the pages. There is certainly enough passion and fire to warm these cold winter nights. They were wonderful. Instead of being filled with domination and things of that nature, these were more simple, yet every bit as passionate. Donít deprive yourself of the chance to read this charming story. It will enchant you and leaving you feeling wonderfully romantic.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Katy.

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