by L. R. Bliss

December 2003
ISBN: 1-58749-402-7
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Overcome with grief after his father’s death at the hand of the Yankees, native Virginian Nathan Wendall joins a group of men who ride around the valley trying to help those the Yankees have hurt, spreading good where evil prevails. When he gets near his home, Nathan is shocked and angry to discover his mother has become engaged to the local minister during his extended absence! He pays a visit to the minister, hoping to convince him to leave his mother alone, but the minister doesn’t agree, instead encouraging Nathan to accept the death of his father and to let his mother move on with her own life.

Sally Dartland of Maine feels guilty over the way she treated her former fiancé, Josiah Simmons, who went to war, fell in love with and married a Southern girl. She’s convinced there’s no one else for her. When a terrible storm destroys her family home, she’s horrified to learn her father has agreed to move to an aunt’s farm in Virginia to help with the work since the aunt can’t keep up after her husband died. How will the Rebels accept them — when Sally’s brother was a Yankee soldier?

When Nathan and Sally meet, they’re both instantly attracted to the other. But Nathan doesn’t immediately realize Sally is a Yankee. How will he react to discover that she is his enemy? Will love be able to overcome their many differences? And what about the awful secret Sally harbors?

Enemy Of The Valley is book three in the Battle Cry of Freedom Trilogy. Readers will be reunited with characters from the previous books in the trilogy. I sympathized with Nathan as he struggled to put his father’s death and hatred of the Yankees behind him and to accept the changes happening to his family. Sally also experiences change as she recovers from losing her previous love and her home and is shunned in her new home for being a Yankee.

A well-written book, Enemy Of The Valley is sure to catch your interest from page one and keep it until the end. I recommend that the first two books in the series In The Crossfire and Imprisoned are read first as Enemy Of The Valley refers to events in the first two books. Pick up Enemy Of The Valley today for a great post Civil War read.

Reviewed in January 2004 by Laura.

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