by Catherine Snodgrass

January 2004
ISBN: 1-59279-192-1
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Catherine Snodgrass’s newest novel Second Chances tells the story of a family that is torn apart by violence, rumors, and death and yet manages to stick together and love each other through thick and thin. Corey Nicholas’s mother Kitty has fallen in love with Carlo Torrelli’s son Angelo. Torrelli is one of the most wanted mob bosses in the country. Angelo has promised to testify against his father at trial, and is being protected by the FBI until he can testify. Agent Donovan McCormick has been assigned to protect Angelo until his father goes to trial. However, when Kitty’s daughter Corey comes to visit the last thing on his mind is work. Corey and Donovan soon realize that their feelings for each other have grown unfortunately for them fate intervenes and soon the two of them are embroiled in a mess of lies.

Second Chances is wonderful novel that intrigues the reader from the very start. The plot has numerous twists and turns that keep the reader interested. The theme of trust comes up again and again throughout the story and is masterfully interwoven into the plot. It is this theme that enables the story to touch the reader. I found myself crying at times in this book as characters I grown to love suffered unimaginable tragedy. The secondary characters are wonderful and help provide the lighter moments a dark novel like this often needs. I especially enjoyed the twist in the plot that reveals that one of the minor characters is as big a threat to Corey and Donovan as the mob is throughout the rest of the book. However, the best thing about this book is the wonderful testament to love it makes; the characters in this book never give up on each other and stick together even when things appear hopeless. I truly believe it is this sentiment that makes a wonderful love story.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Jen.

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