by Karen Troxel

January 2004
ISBN: 1-59279-193-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Amber Quill Press

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Rafferty Sinclair is not having an easy time of it; of course he is dressed as a woman. What a man is willing to do in order to get his man is interesting. Rafferty is an FBI agent and out on an assignment that unfortunately involves dressing as a woman, with shaved legs to boot. He is after someone called Blade and he was following a lead. The lead just happened to be sitting beside him on the plane only she didnít know that Ramona was really a man.

Annie was going to a tropical location to try to locate Blade. He stole technology from her brother. There was a glitch in the program that could cause havoc to satellites. Annie has just finished taking and passing the course to be a private investigator. Oh she didnít want to be just any private investigator, but a computer/internet investigator. Annie encountered Ramona on the plane ride down and they even had connecting doors, but needless to say the door was not left open. Annie was on a mission and she didnít have time for a romantic fling while there, but that soon changed when she met Rafferty.

Rafferty played Ramona as best he could with the fake breast sthat kept sliding and the pantyhose as well. But he enjoyed it when he didnít have to be Ramona, then he could concentrate on Annie as a man and one that is looking for information as well. The attraction between Rafferty and Annie is there from the moment they meet but she tries to avoid him even when all she wants to do is have that fling.

Can Rafferty aka Ramona solve the dilemma of trying to stick to Annie, helping her if and when she needs it when she meets Blade while trying to be two separate people? Can Annie and Rafferty fall in love with the other in the short time they are together? Sure the attraction and heat is there whenever they touch one another but is that enough? Also can Rafferty keep Annie safe from herself?

Web Story is an interesting read, full of laughs; some misunderstands and of course romance. It made me wonder why Annie didnít put two and two together about Rafferty/Ramona. The secondary characters, Cathy, a championship woman wrestler, and Duncan, Rafferty partner, bring laughs as well as help when needed and may be fighting an attraction themselves. Who knows? We canít forget Blade as that is the reason why they all met in the first place. I will just leave the Blade for you to figure out who he is.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Pam.

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