by Jo Leigh

August 2001
ISBN: 0-373-79006-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #2
Mass Market Paperback

Jo Leigh, in this comedic romp, gives us Dr. Jamie, who talks about sex on live radio, and Chase, who is a too-die for sexually charged man. It's an interesting and very funny look at a woman who never had time to date because of school and a career, and a man thinking he will die at an early age and, as a result, lives his life hard and fast; thus his occupation as a race car driver.

Dr. Jamie is known as the radio sexpert and Chase is the owner of the radio station where she works. A troublesome journalist, who has a sneaking suspicion that Jamie is "sexually challenged", provokes Jamie in a bet to prove her sex/relationships theories; basically, to put her money where her mouth is. One of Jamie's assertions is that no one can be sexually seduced, but the journalist really only challenges her in an effort to expose her as a fraud. The journalist is able to choose any man of her choice to seduce Jamie and the man she chooses is none other than Chase. Chase is a very handsome devil-may-care kind of guy who, by his looks alone, has females drooling all over him. Dr. Jamie's trademark rally of "Go for it!" has made her a big hit with her listeners. But will she go for the challenge herself and risk exposing her secret? Jamie always had feelings for Chase but does not know exactly what they are. Jamie knows she wants him in a very physical way, but she can't go through with making love to Chase. If she did then her secret would be exposed.

Chase, on the other hand, has time on his hands before he takes up the racing circuit again and happily involves himself in this "scandalous" challenge. He finds Jamie to be a challenge himself, since she has always manage to avoid him around the station.

This reader gets an insight into what a woman thinks and feels about sex (and specifically Chase!) which results in a lot of sexual frustration from both parties, sexually charged conversations and a lot of foreplay. The verbal play and dialogue between Chase and Jamie was enjoyable as they were both trying to get the upper hand on the other. It is also interesting to see how they try to rationalize their feelings while they use any means to release the frustration by themselves.

If you like frank open discussions about sex and "how-to" then this book is for you. It describes the sexual tension between Chase and Jamie, their frustration and how they cope with it. This was a highly enjoyable book, one that I could not put down.

Reviewed in October 2001 by Pam.

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