by Mia Zachary

May 2004
ISBN: 0373791402
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin #136
Mass Market Paperback

Stephanie Madison wants her boss, investigator Emelio Sanchez. Unable to be upfront with her feelings yet, she sends the object of her desire steamy letters that are signed with a seductive “Yours, in black lace”. Emelio can’t help reading them, or waiting for them. Just as he can’t help being intrigued by his new security expert, Stevie. No way, though, will he act on his desire for her. His guilt over a previous relationship, ending in disaster and him failing the woman he loved, is always with him.

Everything changes when a crime cartel targets Stevie to get to him and he finds it impossible to refuse her ardent wish of playing a vital part in the investigation. She might be too scared to reveal herself as the author of those erotic letters, but she certainly has no problems voicing her desire to act out all her fantasies of a female James Bond going after the bad guys. Trying to escape her past — a past that saw her abused, violated and victimized — Stevie now fights back when cornered. No more running away and hiding for this Bond-obsessed lady.

Stevie and Emelio’s relationship is filled with passion and head-on-confrontations. No subterfuge allowed. Honest feelings and reactions are what make this relationship work. The sparks fly and it’s a blast to read Mia Zachary's follow up to Red Shoes & A Diary, watching those two battle it out over who the better Bond wannabe is. Sure, Emelio is guilt ridden and Stevie is scared, but they don’t let that cramp their style. They have the courage to go after what they want, turning a great partnership into an exciting and rewarding relationship. And as this is a Blaze release and the characters are willing to play and live out their fantasies the many sex and love scenes are seductive, hot and filled with laughter. Because what Stevie lacks in experience she certainly makes up in enthusiasm.

With an ending that is triumphant and empowering, with perfect pacing, sexy and sassy dialogue and an attraction to curl your toes, with anticipation prolonging the pleasure and a heavy dose of humor and female empowerment I enjoyed every word, every page of Yours In Black Lace.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Kris Alice.

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