by Geralyn Dawson

July 2004
ISBN: 0-7434-8782-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Welcome back to Cedar Dell, Texas. In her second visit to this little Texas town Geralyn Dawson introduces us once again to Nicholas Sutherland. Nick is the hot handsome Texas City boy who moved to Cedar Dell and promptly got dumped in Ms Dawson’s last book My Big Old Texas Heartache. This time this sweet heart of a guy is ready for his own story.

L.A. talent manager Tess Anderson is living large managing the careers of some of the biggest names in Hollywood. She has never forgotten her roots though. She came from Texas with just a high school diploma, big dreams and not much else.

Tess landed a job as a receptionist twelve years ago with Harrison & Associates. She worked her way through college and up the ladder at Harrison to become a respected talent manager for some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Tess loves her job and her life in big city L.A. The only thing missing is that special someone to share her new found life. Tess has no doubt that too will come to her in time.

All is well in Tess’ life until she gets a call from her sister Chloe. Chloe calls in tears begging Tess to come to Cedar Falls, Texas to help her. It seems the young girl is very pregnant and very alone in the tiny town as Snake, father of the baby and Chloe’s latest love has gone off on a job and left Chloe alone.

Never being able to deny her sister anything Tess arranges to go to Cedar Falls to help Chloe out of yet another mess. Upon her arrival she finds her sister very near her due date living in a rundown doublewide trailer that should be condemned way out in the middle of nowhere.

Tess soon arranges to rent a nice little place in town for her sister to stay in, which Chloe promptly refuses. Enter local boy Nick Sutherland. He arranges to have the trailer “condemned” forcing Chloe to accept her sister’s solution of a decent place to live.

An act of violence has Nick wanting to protect the Anderson sisters from whatever mess Snake is involved in. Chloe goes into early labor and soon gives birth to not one but two baby daughters. An unexpected visit by some of Snake’s friends to Chloe’s hospital room has the young mother running and leaving her children in her sister’s care.

Tess is unprepared to care for two babies so what’s Nick to do but pitch in and help in any way he can.

Nick Sutherland is Ms Dawson’s hottest hero to date and he will soon have you dreaming of finding a Texas heartthrob to call your own.

Nick and Tess are heartwarming characters that will draw you into their story and have you rooting for their happily ever after. Cedar Dell is a charming Texas town and the secondary characters round out this story nicely. There are several possibilities to give readers a return visit to this beloved Texas local. With her trademark emotional storytelling and many touches of humor Ms Dawson has penned another winner.

Reviewed in June 2004 by Barbara.

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