by Janet Chapman

April 2004
ISBN: 0-7434-8629-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Architect Rachel Foster helped build Sub Rosa, the beautiful seaside mansion with her father. The magnificent mansion was built for Thaddeus Lakeman, Frank Fosterís best friend right next door to the Foster property. The project started with such high expectations for the father daughter architect team. They put all kinds of wonderful ideas into the building. No one could have foreseen the mansion would be the sight of such tragedy for the Foster family.

Three years ago Frank Foster caught Thad and his wife having an affair and in a rage of passion shot them and then turned the gun on himself. All three ended up dying in the tragedy and now the Foster daughters must pick up the pieces of their lives.

Sub Rosa has set empty for three long years since the tragedy but now an heir to the property has been found. Keenan Oaks plans to move into the house and bring it back to its magnificent glory. Before Keenanís arrival, Rachel receives a visit from her fatherís lawyer. He delivers a very disturbing letter to Rachel that her father had penned before his death. It seems that Frank and Thad were partners in a smuggling operation and the letter lists several artifacts in the Foster home that have been stolen. Rachel must return the stolen objects to Sub Rosa before Keenan arrives to clear her family name and make the problem Keenonís and not hers.

Rachelís plan is going along perfectly she uses the secret tunnels under the property to sneak into Sub Rosa and return the items. If only Keenan hadnít arrived early and caught her in his house everything would have been fine. She disables him and runs but Keenan is convinced that Rachel is who was in his house.

Convincing Rachel to move to Sub Rosa and show him the secrets of the house, Keenan figures he can keep a better eye on the woman. The plot to this book has many twists and turns and the reader will be kept on the edge of their seat trying to figure everything out.

Janet Chapman is known for creating very independent heroines and Rachel Foster is certainly that. Ms. Chapman also keeps her setting the same as her previous books. The coast of Maine is beautifully described in this book as in her previous releases. The big change in The Seductive Imposter is that a high level of mystery and suspense has replaced the time travel element.

Secondary characters play an important role in this story as well. Rachelís sister Willow is written is such a way that almost guarantees the reader that yet another story will be written. Comedic relief is provided by the disciples, five men that come to Sub Rosa with Keenan to help bring the house back to life. Their antics steal many scenes in this book. Keenanís daughter also will win the readerís heart

The Seductive Impostor is story that will hook the reader from the beginning and have them anxious to finish the book in one setting. Ms. Chapman is a new voice in romantic suspense and should find as much success in this genre as she did last year in time travel. She is a very gifted author that is sure to generate a huge following if she continues to produce such high quality stories. She will find her way to many auto buy lists, this readerís included.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Barbara.

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