by Lori Foster, Janelle Denison, Erin McCarthy, MaryJanice Davidson, Kayla Perrin and Morgan Leigh

June 2004
ISBN: 0-7582-0772-7
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Trade Paperback

The summer beach season is almost here, and Brava’s premier authors have teamed up bring us Perfect For the Beach, an anthology of five spicy tales guaranteed to make you reach for a fan!

Lori Foster leads off with Some Like It Hot, the story of Dr. Cary Rupert. Cary, a pediatrician, is finally glad that the busy day is over. He wants nothing more than “an easy chair, a cold drink, and a smiling, willing woman.” Specifically, he wants one particular woman, Nora Chilton, a nurse in the office next door. He has tried the subtle approach and has asked her out several times, but she always declines. He knows that she doesn’t seem like the type who would raise his temperature, but she has a quiet beauty that touches his heart. He knows that she is attracted to him, but he can’t seem to get past her reserve. Nora, a young widow who has had little experience with men, would like to remarry and have a family. She doesn’t think the handsome doctor is interested, and protects her heart by remaining aloof. When Cary overhears Nora’s reasoning, he knows that immediate action is required.

Janelle Denison delivers another Wilde story in One Wilde Weekend. Alex Wilde is in love. He hopes that he can convince Dana to take the leap of faith and trust to commit to a permanent relationship. Those plans are on the back burner right now, though, because Dana has uttered the one sentence that is going to make this plane ride very memorable: “I’m not wearing any panties.” This sets off a series of seductive events that will leave readers squirming in their seats and reaching for the nearest cold beverage - or hot man!

Not to be outdone, Erin McCarthy brings us Blue Crush. Shy pediatrician Sara Davis came to the beach as Sexy Sara, ready for a red-hot summer fling. Too bad that the surfers didn’t notice her. Could it be that the waves from the nearby tropical storm were more attractive? Sara decides to take a swim. The undertow quickly pulls Sara far from shore, and sends her bikini top on the way to Borneo. How is she going to get out of the water? Lifeguard Kyle Vanderhoff just knew his last day on the job would be eventful. When he sees Sara’s head bobbing in the growing waves, he swims out to rescue her. He had no idea that a sea siren’s body lurked below the surface, and that it was almost naked. This mission has turned out to be exciting in more ways than one.

In a story of second chances, Kayla Perrin’s Hot and Bothered shows us that it is never too late. Jenna Arnold has returned to Key West for just one thing: her husband’s signature on separation papers. When his refusal to discuss his past tore their marriage apart, Jenna fled home to Buffalo. Trey never tried to contact her, so she assumed that he knew the marriage was a mistake. Getting those separation papers was a wake-up call for Trey, who had remained faithful. Now all he had to do was convince Jenna to give him another chance.

Revisiting the law firm of McCauley and Associates, author Morgan Leigh delivers a spicy tale of office attraction. Kat Murphy has resigned as Sam Parrish’s assistant. She has given up on her attraction to the sexy widower, and resigned herself to the fact that he still loves his late wife. Even though the chemistry between them sizzles, there has never been any indication that he is prepared to cross the line, and Kat is spending a few days at the beach to regroup and plan her future. When Sam arrives to discuss the reasons behind her departure, Kat knows that her own Murphy’s Law is about to become reality.

All of these novellas pack plenty of sultry heat and sexy encounters. It is just the sort of entertaining book to read while enjoying the summer sun. By the pool, on a boat, or at the shore, Perfect For the Beach is, well, perfect!

Reviewed in May 2004 by Paula.