by MaryJanice Davidson

May 2004
ISBN: 0-7582-0802-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

Christina Krabbe was working on a cruise ship until she had enough of her bosses “handling”. So she quit and was abandon in Alaska. Now Alaska is its own country and not part of the US. So now she must find a way to earn enough money and make it back to the US. But instead of looking for a job and a place to live she spends her last few dollars on a fishing trip. Only this wasn’t any fishing trip as the King was the captain and Christina doesn’t know it right off but that doesn’t matter to her. She still speaks her mind, well, whatever comes out of her mouth, and him being the King doesn’t stop her one bit. The King is fascinated by her and offers her a place to stay, yep, the castle.

Prince David is not surprised to hear of his father’s match making scheme. He takes it all in stride but is surprised that he actually likes Christina and her care free attitude toward all of them in the royal family. David isn’t sure about Christina but he does like her but not sure about her becoming his wife and future Queen.

David and Christina try to spend time together but David likes his penguins and Christina doesn’t like them as they stink in the hall they are housed in. The more they are around each other the more they get to know each other and of course they have some fun along the way.

The story has many secondary characters that just add to the dilemma and madness that surrounds the royal family and Christina. We can’t forget the “fun” that David and Christina have along the way and trying to outsmart and outmaneuver several people so they can be along together. But it wasn’t all fun and games for them all they had to deal with some changes along the way.

The Royal Treatment is a fun and easy going read, with the witty dialog we have come to expect from MaryJanice Davidson. The royal family is like your everyday family with its own quirkiness and problems. Some of the problems that arise and they must overcome are an ex-boyfriend of Christina and a kidnapping attempt. But all in all the story will keep your attention and having you turning the pages from the beginning and you never know what Christina or the King for that matter will say or do next.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Pam.

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