by Michelle Curry Wright

April 2004
ISBN: 0-06-056143-2
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Trade Paperback

Miranda Blue is tired of her life. She’s tired of her job in New York City. Mostly she’s tired of the men that she finds herself attracted to. Dead end relationships that seem to be over before they even start. So, she’s called a halt to the dating game and packed her bags. She heads west to Colorado and a little town that’s not even a dot on any map. There she starts her life again. No men. Only her dogs and her business to keep her company. She starts a tele-companion business for seniors. Her clients keep her too busy to think about just how lonely she really is.

Billy Steadman grows hydroponic vegetables. He has moved to this part of nowhere in Colorado to mourn his past life. From the moment he sees Miranda, he feels his heart come alive again. There is something so compelling about the solitary woman and her prickly attitude. Billy starts making excuses to go over and visit Miranda.

Miranda doesn’t know what to do. Should she welcome Billy into her home and heart with open arms? Or should she keep pushing him away? With courage and fortitude, Billy lays siege to the walls around Miranda’s wounded heart. He knows that inside is a warm, loving place just for him.

Admittedly, we’ve read this story before. A thirty-something woman gets fed up with the relationship game and swears off men. Yet there is something refreshing in Miranda’s voice from page one that lets us know this isn’t the typical story. Miranda is strong. She isn’t desperate to find a man. She figures out how to live without one before deciding to take another chance. The secondary characters help make the story and also to keep it moving. Billy’s friend, Sullivan, is a wonderfully wacky character who adds humor. The seniors that Miranda talks to every day bring depth. Billy is a sensitive guy who wants to make Miranda happy, he just starts out trying to do it in the wrong way.

It’s a story about learning how to accept your own faults and emotions before opening up to someone else. Miranda Blue Calling, is a marvelous tale of loving yourself. It’s about finding joy in the simple things of life.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Jenni.

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