by Isabo Kelly

December 2003
ISBN: 1-55316-119-X
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A world of wonder, magic spells, and heroes…welcome to the writing of Isabo Kelly, who has created magic herself within the pages of this story. When the Lady Arlana is called upon to fulfill her prophesied destiny, she is well aware that her talents as a powerful sorceress will be sorely tested. She doesn’t realize that her heart will be engaged as well, however, until she feels the growing tug of attraction to her companion on her journey, her Lord Commander Oric.

Set in a mystical land, full of different races, political factions and a wide-ranging assortment of different characters, this book will challenge you in its early chapters, presenting a variety of people, situations and scenarios that require focus and concentration to keep straight. But let me assure you it’s well worth the effort. Arlana and Oric journey together through danger and mayhem, to find their love growing along with the threat to their very existence.

This tale is as seductive as the magic about which it revolves. Linking the past and the future through assorted spells and artifacts, it’s all too easy to lose oneself in this world, fighting alongside Oric and Arlana against foes and wickedness, and rejoicing as more of Arlana’s powers are revealed. The love that develops between these two is challenged more than once, but as all romance readers know, there’s nothing like an obstacle or two to bring lovers closer together.

This is my first Isabo Kelly novel, but I can assure you it won’t be my last. Erudite, beautifully-paced, and with a plot that is unique and enthralling, I heartily recommend this tale to fans of fantasy romance…it’s a trip out of time to a world where colors defy description and passion abounds. The perfect escape - the ideal book. Don’t miss it.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Celia.

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