by Lori Foster

March 2004
ISBN: 0-758-20338-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

After his brother Bruce is beaten, Bryan Kelly takes his place at the safe house he runs for prostitutes. Since they are twins no one knows about this switch and itís business as usual for the preacher. Bryan is determined to find out who is sabotaging his brotherís work and putting lives in danger.

One night while making his rounds around town looking for someone to help, Bryan comes across ďhookerĒ Shay Sommers. Bryan rescues her from some men who are out to have a little fun with her and offers her a place to stay at the safe house.

Shay is no hooker and tries to convince Bryan of this but he doesnít believe her so Shay decides to play along with him. In reality Shay is the money behind another safe haven for local prostitutes. Something went terribly wrong and one of those who came to Shay for help almost died. She blames herself for this and is desperately trying to make the wrong right.

Shay and Bryan begin to develop deeper feelings for each other as the days pass and donít quite know how to handle these developments. Since everything isnít as it seems this makes the situation even more difficult for all involved.

Ms Foster has penned another winner with The Life Of Bryan. Starting with a very unusual story line - one I wasnít sure would work - Ms Foster proves why she is so good at what she does. Creating captivating characters and a fast moving story that draws the reader in and keeps the pages turning well into the night.

Secondary characters play a big part in what makes this book so special. The reformed hookers Barb, Morgan and Patti are laugh out loud funny and steal several scenes with their antics. I believe this to be Ms Fosterís funniest book to date, largely because of the hookersí escapades. Ms Foster also brings back sexy Joe Winston to help out his friend Bryan and it is fun to get caught up on whatís going on in his life since we last saw him.

As with any Foster book the sensual scenes are hot and steamy and will leave you longing for a cool glass of water. I have come to expect a quality story, sensual romance and memorable characters in any book that has Lori Fosterís name on it. The Secret Life Of Bryan is a winner on all counts.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Barbara.

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