by Staci Stallings

December 2003
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English major, Heather Nolan is struggling to stay in college. Lacking money to pay for tuition and books, she is devastated to learn she canít get any scholarships. Her grades are practically perfect, but she may have to quit school unless she can get a job. When an opportunity to earn money drops in her lap, Heather is amazed at its simplicity. All she has to do is tutor someone who wonít be able to stay in school unless his grades improve.

Anthony Russell is in college on a basketball scholarship. On the verge of failing, heís happy to learn they found a tutor for him, but he doesnít hold out much hope, after all, his past tutors have all given him up as hopeless. His self-esteem is non-existent, except on the basketball court.

In spite of Anthonyís doubts, Heather is able to improve his reading skills. Besides helping Anthony, Heather is finding that hanging out with him is helping her meet guys and sheís asked out on several dates. Could one of these guys possibly be the mysterious Mr. Right?

Princess, is simply an adorable story. Readers will relate instantly to studious Heather and struggling Anthony. I hoped that Heather would help Anthony reach the grades he needs to stay in school, and felt for Anthony as he tried to decide whether to go pro or try to stay in college. The characters are extremely well developed.

Though, Princess is not available in print form, readers will be able to read it a chapter at a time, or if they fall in love with it like I did, they can purchase a disc directly from Ms. Stallings for $3.95. I was not able to put this story down, and if it were available in print form, itíd be a book for the keeper shelf. You will not be disappointed with Princess.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Laura.

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