by Rachel Bo

January 2004
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Michelle is walking home from a club gig when she hears the most beautiful music coming from the newly-restored house in her neighborhood. She stops to listen, causing her life to change. In a moment when she should have turned and walked away, Michelle walked forward instead, into Nick’s house and his life. With Nick’s help Michelle starts to heal from a tragic past and learns to love again.

Nick has a deep secret; he has also never let anyone close to him. But Michelle . . . well there is just something different about her. He feels a connection that he has never felt. However, a life time of holding people off is hard to change. Will Michelle be able to teach Nick what love is about and convince him that his secret, what ever it may be, is not a problem?

Symphony in Rapture is Rachel Bo’s second book. This new author is exploding into erotic romance with extremely hot scenes that will have you running for the ice from the beginning of the book. Both Michelle and Nick have tragic pasts that have affected their ability to feel. Both have given up on thoughts of sex and love until the day they meet. These two spend about as much time apart as they do having sex. Their relationship is based on sex, mostly because of Nick’s refusal to commit to a long term relationship. Michelle tries to have the strength to remain with someone who is unable to commit. She is a heroine with a remarkable strength of character. Nick tries to be honorable in thinking of Michelle and what will happen once she learns his secret, and this is what forces them apart time and again. An extremely hot, sensual read Symphony in Rapture is a great story. But be warned: keep toys, ice and your significant other close at hand!

Reviewed in January 2004 by Vikky.

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