by Heather Graham

March 2004
ISBN: 0-77832-027-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books

Lara Trudeau had it all, beauty, brains, and talent! An accomplished ballroom dancer, Lara was headed to the top in the competition world. At the end of one of her most stunning performances she literally drops dead on the dance floor! The authorities are ruling it an “accidental” overdose of prescription drugs combined with alcohol. Miami-Dade police officer, and ballroom dance student, Doug O’Casey can’t believe that, and won’t accept that ruling when the police close the case. It seems Doug was having a secret affair with Lara, and although he wasn’t in love with her, he cared enough about her to try to find out the truth. Doug has enlisted the aid of his brother, private investigator Quinn O’Casey to get to the bottom of Lara’s death. Doug signs Quinn up at the same dance school where he is a student to give him a cover. The Moonlight Sonata dance studio, where Lara occasionally taught is filled to the max with suspects, each with their own private agenda against the star dancer who was a witch in dance slippers!

Born with two left feet, taking dance lessons isn't something Quinn relishes, but for his brother Doug, he will do this favor. The Trudeau case hits a little to close to home for Quinn, as another student at the Moonlight Sonata school was also murdered, by the same prescription drugs as Lara took. Although the suspected murderer of this victim, her husband, is in custody thanks to Quinn, he feels there is a connection, and he is going to find it. Quinn’s teacher, former competition dancer and part owner of Moonlight Sonata, Shannon Mackay is looking more like the next target of these killings. Breaking the no fraternization rules between students and teachers, Quinn and Shannon are becoming romantically involved. As the steamy underside of the Miami drug trade starts claiming more victims who were somehow connected to Moonlight Sonata, Quinn is finding it more difficult to protect the woman he loves.

Heather Graham’s suspense novels usually keep you enthralled and guessing right up to the last pages. However, in her latest Dead On The Dance Floor, I wasn’t guessing, and I found myself confused by the plotline, and lost as to who was who with characters. I was very disappointed with the silly ending, and Quinn and Shannon had very little chemistry. Sorry to say Heather Graham doesn’t deliver her usual eye popping edge of your seat grabbing suspense thriller with this one.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Bonnie.

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