by Lorraine Heath

October 2001
ISBN: 0-380-81741-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Fortune, Texas


Angela Bainbridge dreams of what every woman wants, a home, family, and the love a good man. Reality is - Angela can never have those things. Left blind by a high fever at the age of twelve has made that dream impossible. Although fiercely independent, and having heightened her remaining five senses, Angela still knows her limitations. Much to her overprotective parents’ dismay, Angela has moved into town and taken a job as a seamstress. Walking the streets one night Angela stumbles right into a burglary in progress at the bank and into the arms of ruthless outlaw, Lee Raven. Swept away from all that is familiar and hurled into the world of a murderous gang is more then feisty Angela can handle, because even with all she can do with her other senses, she is no match for this notorious renegade or his desire.

Lee Raven knows it is only a question of time before the law catches up to him, and he will be hanged for the murder of his arch enemy’s only son. Lee does what is necessary to avenge the cruel deaths of his parents and oldest sibling at the hands of this man. Having kidnapped the beautiful woman he finds outside the bank he has just robbed, he realizes too late she is blind and would never have been able to identify him or his outlaw gang, comprised of his surviving brothers. Taking her with him on the run from the pursuing posse is the only option open to him, for if he abandons her how would she survive? This brazen man begins to worm his way into Angela’s heart. To give in to their passion for each other would mean an uncertain future, for Lee is more then aware a wanted man has none!

RITA award-winning author Lorraine Heath writes well-defined and believable characters in her latest story of Texas with The Outlaw and the Lady. Lee’s and Angela’s pain and sorrow becomes so real you will find yourself reaching for the Kleenex with every turn of the page to the exciting, and stunning climax! What a refreshing change from the norm, with a handicapped but strong heroine, and a hero who puts his family before himself, and his desires. I loved this book!

Reviewed in January 2004 by Bonnie.

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