by Linda McLaughlin

March 2004
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When Elinor escapes from her mad Auntís clutches, she is rescued by Stephen Chaplin and taken to her former governessí Mimiís shop. Mimi agrees to help her find her father. She pretends to be a seamstress to avoid being found by her Aunt.

Elinor is determined to be Plain Mrs Brown, the seamstress to Stephen, though he seriously doubts her story. An attraction between them is obvious from the beginning though neither admits it.

There are a few plotlines in this story and some very interesting characters. The Chessmen, as they are dubbed because of their surnames are all handsome young men, certain to turn a few heads. Tony Rooksby and Marcus Knightley are two of the secondary characters that feature largely in the story.

There are a lot of characters, but all are well thought out and have a good place in the story. They are all woven well into the plotlines. Linda McLaughlin uses the time period to bring out the characteristics of her characters to get her story right. She brings alive the period with the dress and mannerisms fitting well into the tale. She handles the historic facts with ease.

The story travels along at a fairly gentle pace. It is an easy read and has a pleasant appeal for the reader. The plotlines are varied and interesting. The romance builds slowly between the hero and heroine.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and will look for more books by Linda McLaughlin. She has a talent that appeals to me.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Mary.

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