by Monica M. Martin

April 2004
ISBN: 1-59374-150-2
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Monica M. Martin spins a tale of trickery, lust, and forgiveness in Isabella's Desire. At the age of fifteen, Isabella of Sheffield joined a nunnery. While there, she learns she is to be married to Count von Regensberg. Not at all pleased with the discovery, Isabella finds solace in the rushing waters of a nearby river. Only this time she is not alone. Karl, who is Count von Regensberg, and his men were freshening up for their visit to the abbess housing his betrothed. A fire is lit between Isabella and Karl from the moment they meet. Because of that fire inside, Isabella cannot bear the thought of being married to another while yearning for the stranger she knew only as Sir Karl. Claire, Isabella's friend of 19 years, is perfectly comfortable with trading places with Isabella. So, the treachery begins. The girls play a game that ends up in a way far from their expectations. They find there is a price to pay for their deceit.

While the story has an all too familiar plot line, the author does manage a surprise or two. Not much detail of the time period is given. I often felt I was being told a story rather than experiencing it for myself. Unfortunately, this resulted in a lack of empathy for the characters. However, if you are the type of reader that likes a fast and easy read to squeeze into your free time, then start clicking because this is the book for you. Ms. Martin, also wrote Lucinda's Contract, which I haven't read yet. Looks like I need to do some clicking of my own.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Rho.

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