by Annalise

January 2004
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Earth in the very distant future is hot, very hot. A person canít just go outside without wearing protective UV suits and UV glasses. For the most part, no one walks around on the ground, they rather fly in their transport. Link Taylor has just returned to Earth from a mission on Mars and canít wait to get outside to smell the air and dirt of Earth. Link also has a deep love of all things old and while on his walk he sees a very old antique shop called The Fantasy Shoppe. As he looks around the shop, Link spots a card, he is told it is a membership card for a local pleasure shop. Link buys it and upon returning to his quarters, he activates the card and looks around. He is shocked to the bone to see his one love is working at the pleasure shop.

Sara Evans is working undercover to find her bossí underage daughter and rescue her from The Palace. Unfortunately, the only way for Sara to enter The Palace is as a criminal, thus limiting her exploration of the area. She is also being drugged and every aspect of her life is monitored. Sara is stunned and scared when she realizes that she just serviced the one man she has always loved. When the mission goes very wrong, will Sara be able to confide in Link for his assistance?

Venus Rising is an extremely erotic futuristic adventure. Sara is a strong, determined, and overly loyal military woman. She goes above and beyond the call of duty for her bossí daughter. However, she isnít doing this just for her boss but also for the poor girl who made the wrong choice and is now too drugged to think for herself. Link is a military man who finds out that the one woman he loved is a whore. He has trouble dealing with this, especially since he believes that Sara chose this life after committing a crime. However, once he gets over the initial shock, Link realizes there is more going on than meets the eye. Though he is intelligent enough to know that what he sees in Sara isnít real, heís angry enough to keep poking at her with hurtful words. Even with the continuous fighting between the hero and heroine, they are able to accomplish the mission. Although I did find that the book almost had a bit too much sex for my taste, this first offering from Annalise, is packed full of action and adventure and proved to be a good read.

Reviewed in March 2004 by Vikky.

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