by Pat Pritchard

August 2003
ISBN: 0-8217-7441-7
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Mass Market Paperback

The men of Leeís Mills are up in arms! It seems the women have been ditching their wifely duties of home and family to meet once a week at the Luminary Society! Founded by widowed store owner Lucinda Thomas, the purpose of the society is so that the ladies can meet and discuss literature, and teach those among them who arenít literate to read and write. So what is so terrible about that? Lucy cannot understand why the men have a problem with this, especially that annoying newspaper editor, Cade Mulroney! It seems every time the paper is published there is some article or letter pertaining to the evils of the society, and why it should be abolished. Having been married to a very controlling abusive man, Lucy is now determined that she will never be in that type of situation again. She enjoys her widowed, independent state. That is until disturbingly handsome Cade Mulroney and his precocious six-year old daughter barge into her ordered life!

Wounded in the Civil War, widowed Cade Mulroney has settled in the town of Leeís Mills and become their newspaper editor. The town seems like the perfect place to raise his daughter who Cade has only recently gained custody of from his manipulative Yankee in-laws. Poor Mary, raised by her strict grandparents and taken from all she has ever known by a father she cannot remember has made her shy and withdrawn. Cade needs help with Mary, and Lucy seems like the perfect choice for that area. But is it because of Mary that Cade wants to be involved with Lucy, or is it really because he is beginning to desire the beautiful storekeeper for himself?

Pat Pritchardís The Book Of Love, the first in her Luminary Society series is a wonderful heart warming story of an independent woman way ahead of her time, and a man wounded not only physically but emotionally. Cade and Lucy are wonderful together their chemistry sizzles right from the start and goes full steam ahead throughout the book. Add in a sub-romance story between the town school teacher, spinster Melinda Smythe, and newly arrived minister, Daniel Hayes and you have the makings of a great, fun read!

Reviewed in February 2004 by Bonnie.

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