by Roberta Gayle

October 2003
ISBN: 1-58314-425-0
Reviewer Graphic Button B E T Books
Mass Market Paperback

Maddie Davis specializes in dead languages and her work takes her all over the world. She is running into work visa difficulties in Egypt when word comes that her great aunt Becky has died. Forced to go home for the reading of the will, Maddie finds herself back home in tiny Richlandtown, Pennsylvania. Visiting her family for a few days, Maddie soon goes crazy and decides to move in with her husband-in-name-only, Warner. She is stunned to discover she inherits Beckyís house. It is a headache she never anticipated.

Warner was the one who suggested he and Maddie get married ten years ago when they were struggling college students. It seemed like a good idea. After all, two can live cheaper than one. But now heís fallen in love with beautiful Samantha and heís beginning to think about marriage to her. When Maddie drops in unexpectedly, heís shocked, but decides now might be a good idea to begin divorce proceedings. Maddie is stunned. After all, Warner has been her rock for as long as she can remember.

Moving into her great auntís home, Maddie is soon convinced that ghosts inhabit the property. She feels edgy enough there during the day. At night, its downright spooky. She canít find anyone to stay with her and if she hires anyone to help clear out all her auntís clutter, they quit the first day. Maddie turns to Warner again and again to help with all the weird happenings sheís encountering. But is Warner willing to continue being there for her now that heís found someone new? Or has this marriage found some much needed life?

The Holiday Wifeís, title makes it sound like a fun book and it doesnít disappoint. Ms. Gayle instantly drew me into the story and I couldnít read the book fast enough. I fell in love with serious, stable Warner who reminds me a lot of my own husband, and spunky, fun-loving Maddie who struggles to find her identity. After all, just because one chooses a career, doesnít mean theyíve grown up.

The Holiday Wife, is an excellent choice for the romance loverís library. Set during the fall and winter it is sure to brighten your days any time of year.

Reviewed in February 2004 by Laura.

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