by Lori Wilde

July 2004
ISBN: 0-446-61367-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Reading Lori Wilde’s newest novel is a lesson in patience, at least it was for me. Having read her last book, I was looking forward to another great novel. What I got was a reminder that the creativity of an author is hard-won, and that they tend to push past their previous comfort zones from time to time.

Charmed and Dangerous, introduces us to the Cooper twins, Maddie and Cassie. At a very young age, Maddie decides that she is always going to take care of her free-spirited sibling, and that decision has affected her entire life. She is in a pattern of behavior that she cannot and will not change. Cassie, on the other hand, now resents this over-protectiveness and wants to prove that she can stand on her own.

When Cassie’s desire to prove her worth finds her entangled with an unsavory art thief, Maddie races to the rescue. And straight into the arms of David Marshall, art theft specialist for the FBI. He has an obsessive need to capture the elusive felon, to the exclusion of everything else. When his plan to use Cassie’s position at an art gallery falls apart, Maddie places all of the blame on him. When it looks like Cassie has joined the art thief on his next caper, David is set to put her in prison alongside the crook. Maddie has to keep close tabs on this agent, just to make sure her sister doesn’t wind up behind bars!

I needed patience to get through the first few chapters of Charmed and Dangerous. As a reader, I had a bit of trouble sympathizing with Maddie and David enough to read through their country-hopping chase after the art thief. I started to get worried. The book was too easy to put down, which is not a good sign. However, my perseverance was rewarded when the sparks between Maddie and David finally caught fire. Ms. Wilde does know how to write scorching hot love scenes, sprinkled with humor. That’s what I had been waiting for! Now that my interest was peaked, the pace of the book picked up and I raced to the finish. Charmed and Dangerous was definitely worth the effort!

Reviewed in June 2004 by Paula.

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