by Mary Taffs

May 2004
ISBN: 1-58749-435-3
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A cry for help has been sent to the Council of the Balance, a religion that uses magick and follows the Goddess. One of the Bedrocks from which their magick flows has called for a healer. This Bedrock is in the stronghold known as California Magick. This Bedrock was believed to have been destroyed in an explosion several years earlier. Now, it seems to have healed itself enough to ask for a Healer to come and help it.

The council sends Healer Sulis and Mage Llyr to the stronghold. Sulis doesnít believe she deserves a chance to help the Goddess and the Bedrock. She is still recovering from being held captive by a power hungry mage. She feels that she is a traitor. Her self confidence is gone.

Mage Llyr was at California Magick when the explosion happened. He doesnít have any good memories of his time there. Plus working with Sulis will force him to confront his own feelings of self-worth. Growing up as a Stronghold Rat, Llyr doesnít think Sulis can feel anything other than disgust for him.

The Bedrock wants to be healed. It knows that only a Healer and a Guardian can help it. But along with the healing comes evil and danger. Llyr and Sulis must find a way to trust each other and their Goddess to survive.

Being the third book in a series, Healing Magick, has recurring characters that will be familiar to those who have read the first two, Magick and More Than Magick But if you havenít read those, donít be scared to try this one. I havenít read the first two. I think Taffs does a wonderful job keeping the readerís interest on whatís happening in this story. I will be getting the other two to read, though.

This is a wonderful story of two people trying to overcome what they see as their weaknesses. Sulis feels like she has betrayed her family. Through the course of the story, she must come to understand that everyone makes mistakes and that the best thing is to learn from them. Llyr learns to trust and to believe that he is worthy of love. Together, they mature and accept everything the Goddess has to offer them.

Reviewed in April 2004 by Jenni.

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