by Delle Jacobs

May 2004
ISBN: 1-58749-464-7
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Lord Reginald Beauhampton is an unusual member of the ton, as a second son he enjoys more opportunities that most but he is uninterested in living the typical lord’s life. His passions are sailing and writing, both of which are considered distasteful for a member of the aristocracy. Furthermore, the Duke of Marmount, Reggie’s father, hates his passions and has his own plans for his second son.

Miss Chloe Daventry, has come to London to find a husband. She must marry as quickly as possible, before the ton figures out that she is broke and needs money desperately. Chloe also needs to marry a powerful man in order to rescue her little sisters from their despicable guardian Lord Cottingham. When Reggie and Chloe meet at a house party it is lust at first sight. Lust soon turns to love and the two make plans to marry. Unfortunately, a bevy of characters stand between them and “I do.” The Duke of Marmount wants his son to marry another woman, Chole is being chased by another man who wants to marry her for her nonexistent fortune, and they both must defeat a plethora of circumstances out of their control. Together, they must prove that love is stronger, than society’s rules and regulations.

Lady Valiant by Delle Jacobs is a wonderful story of two black sheep who fall in love and through their love show society that love can defeat all rules. I personally loved this story. The characters come to life under Jacob’s talented pen and enchanted me from the first chapter to the last. The story is a unique look at what life was like for those who did not fit in to the aristocracy in England during the Regency period. The love story between the two characters is funny, touching, and invigorating in turn. The secondary characters add to the vibrancy present thought the novel and many beg for a story of their own. Jacob’s talent has shown the reader that the Lords and Ladies of the ton were real people with real problems, allowing a 21st century reader to connect with a 19th century character; this is a talent that should not be overlooked. I highly recommend Lady Valiant to any reader that loves a well written, touching Regency romance.

Reviewed in September 2004 by Jen.

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